A BungeeSkate™ station is made up of 6 components and is configured according to a player’s skating ability and weight. In order to maximize ice time and player use, trainers often utilize 3-4 preset stations of differing tensions.

Anchor Strap - $32.00/each

The Anchor Strap is a 10′ long loop made of polyester. It has a breaking strength of 12,000 lbs. The anchor strap is normally anchored to the players’ bench, and extended over the top of the boards to allow for the attachment of the Elastic Cord Assembly.


Elastic Cord Assembly (LG) - $22.00/each

The 10’ Elastic Cord Assembly (large) can be made up of one or several cords depending upon a player’s skating ability and weight. BungeeSkate’s Elastic Cord Assembly is custom made and will stretch 300% its static length; 200% longer and much stronger than traditional hardware store cords.


Elastic Cord Assembly (SM) - $22.00/each

The 10’ Elastic Cord Assembly (small) is half the size of a large cord but has the same stretch properties. One or several small cords can make up an assembly depending upon and athletes’ skating ability and weight. Small cords are used to create half sized Elastic Cord Assemblies.


Protective Lycra Sheath - $44.00/each

In order to keep the Elastic Cord Assembly together and add maximum protection, a durable Lycra Sheath is included.


Carabineers - $26.00/each

Two high-strength carabineers are used to attach the Elastic Cord Assembly to the Anchor Strap and Waist Belt. Each carabineer has foolproof locking gates for maximum safety and strength.


Waist Belt - $59.00/each

This lightweight but extremely strong (12,000 lbs) Waist Belt is designed to be worn throughout the training session. It does not interfere with other drills performed after or before BungeeSkate™ drills. It is specifically designed without any metal parts to minimize weight. It is padded in front with 5/8” thick neoprene foam to minimize discomfort on the pressure points. It also comes equipped with an adjustable fitting strap which allows for use by any size player from 60-260lbs.