Bungee Custom

At Bungee Athletics, we act as a prototyping center for our clients who are experimenting with new innovative uses for bungee cords, springs or rubber and custom rigging for athletic training. Elastic band or bungee cord resistance training has been used in a variety of sport training programs such as:

Swimming – Explosive starts and in-pool acceleration
Baseball – Bat swing acceleration and power and in-field base sprinting
Soccer – Stamina conditioning and leg drive
Skiing – Rehabilitation and leg power
Track and Field – Explosive out- of- the block starts
Football – Quick feet agility, explosive off the start power and acceleration
Tennis – Racket swing acceleration and power

By leveraging our in-house manufacturing facilities, on-staff engineers and  our relationship with world-class material manufacturers, we can develop a custom bungee product to meet your resistance equipment needs. Just call us at 1.613.822.3456 and we will work with you!

Custom Product Examples