Bungee Benefits

At Bungee Athletics, we are proud to offer our clients a high-quality product,  hand-stitched and assembled in Canada that is guaranteed to add variety and creativity to your training session as well as enhance an athlete’s quickness and agility for off-the-start explosiveness. To find out how bungee cord technology has helped our clients, take a look at out our testimonials.

How does Bungee Cord Training compare with Free Weight Training?

One of the biggest differences between free weights and bungee cord resistance systems like BungeeSkate™ is that free weights rely on gravity in order to provide the resistance they offer, whereas bungee cord resistance systems do not. With reliance on gravity for resistance comes an inevitable element of momentum in each exercise which diminishes control and deliberateness of movement and, most significantly, promotes the possibility of injury.

The absence of gravity from the exercises one can do with bungee cord resistances allows an athlete to mimic a much wider variety of body movements common to their sport.

Bungee cord resistance training also minimizes the amount of “cheating” that can be done in an exercise as they more finely isolate the muscle or muscle group being exercised, whereas with free weights it’s much easier to engage other muscles to assist those being worked out in completing their reps and thereby counterproductive to building muscle strength and mass through deliberate isolation.

Bungee cord resistance training also provides for much greater versatility in the manners in which one can use them for exercise, in that resistance is provided whether exercising in a vertical or horizontal plane. Free weights, on the other hand, require gravity, and therefore a vertical plane, to be effective. For example, movements like first step skating quickness and twisting and turning from side-to-side to reach the puck before a defender does, can all be developed by bungee cord resistance systems like BungeeSkate™ while not so much by using free weights.

For the same reasons (namely: gravity), bungee cord resistance training allows for slight adjustments in movement to alter muscle emphasis while such versatility is much harder to accomplish with free weights. Additionally, bungee cords provide continuous tension on the muscles being exercised, whereas with free weights, the tension varies depending on the muscles’ position in the given exercise’s range of motion.

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Athletes from hockey players to swimmers find simulating their sport movements during exercising integral to performing the actions their given sport requires, whether chasing after a puck, exploding out of the blocks or swinging a baseball bat.